Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante has revealed the list of the albums that changed his life. The list includes the bands such as AC/DC, KISS and Queen. 

He said that, AC/DC’s Powerage and Back In Black albums that changed his life. Here’s the statement:

“To me, these two albums define AC/DC. The way Bon Scott approached singing on Powerage is just awesome. I love everything about it.

But then you have Back in Black, which is a flawless record, especially coming after the stuff that happened to the band [Scott’s death, and Brian Johnson joining]. If you think about the amount of time they took to bounce back, it was fairly soon. And they bounced back with that.”

On KISS’ “Alive!” album, he said:

“Probably the biggest thing that influenced me was Kiss. I loved Kiss and knew about Kiss, but it wasn’t until Alive! that I became a total Kiss maniac. That record — to this day — gives me goose bumps.

I completely became the general of the Kiss Army, y’know? I couldn’t get enough of them. Look, I know all about this record at this point – that it was done a lot in the studio. But I don’t care. The way those songs were performed on that record, it was just so bombastic. Like, “What the hell is going on here?”

Here’s the full list:

  • The Beatles – Revolver (1966) & Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
  • Led Zeppelin – IV (1971)
  • Black Sabbath – Vol. 4 (1972)
  • KISS – Alive! (1975)
  • Cheap Trick – At Budokan (1979)
  • Queen – News of the World (1977)
  • Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks… Here’s the Sex Pistols (1977)
  • Van Halen – Women and Children First (1980)
  • AC/DC – Powerage (1978) & Back in Black (1980)
  • King’s X – Gretchen Goes to Nebraska (1989)

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