During a recent interview with Download Japan, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has revealed an interesting story about how they were friends with Metallica members.

Here’s the statement:

“I was at the Music Building in Queens where we had a rehearsal room. And we had the same manager, Jonny Z. And Metallica was coming from San Francisco in a U-Haul truck to New York. They had a rehearsal room set up at the Music Building as well.

We knew there were these like-minded dudes from San Francisco kind of doing this new thing as well. They didn’t have a place to stay. They were living in this building that only had cold water running in it. It was filthy. I mean, it was disgusting.

So we would bring them to our house [so they could] shower. We obviously became fast friends. And our history goes back to literally ground zero with those guys. The genesis of what we were all to become, that seed was planted so long ago. It’s such a trip to think we were doing just what we had this passion for, what we fell in love with. And that’s all we still do.”

Back in January 2018, Scott Ian talked with Eddie Trunk and revealed why he was jealous of Metallica’s success. He said:

“Yeah, but in the way of like, you’re just so happy for your bros, because I was there the day they showed up in New York City in the U-Haul truck with Dave [Mustaine], he was still in the band.

We had the same manager [Jon Zazula] and he was, like, ‘Do you mind going down to the Music Building?’ which was the shitty squat of a building in Jamaica, Queens in South Jamaica where bands could pay a couple hundred bucks and you could have a 24-by-7 [foot] room monthly. You could put all of your gear in there and literally have a place to crash when you needed to.”

Watch the entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement via Blabbermouth.