During the recent introduction video of “Gretsch G6131-MY Malcolm Young Signature Jet” guitar, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian praises AC/DC and late-guitarist Malcolm Young.

He explained that how AC/DC inspired him to play guitar and how Malcolm Young learned him to play rhythm guitar. He said:

Malcolm has always been my hero since day one because he basically taught me how to play guitar. As a kid with AC/DC albums, vinyl albums, in my little bed room on a turn table, I just used to sit and figure out how to play their songs.

And it was all Malcolm. You know? It was all him. So, I was learning to play specifically by listening to what he was doing. He was my guitar teacher. He was the reason I learned how to play rhythm guitar the way I do.

On how he feels about AC/DC right now, he said:

There is just an instant rush anytime I hear AC/DC. It’s like mainlined into my brain. As soon as I hear him playing chords, I just get excited, still, after all these years. If I put on ‘Let There Be Rock’, I feel the same now as I did 40 years ago. It moves me in exactly the same way.”

As you know, Scott Ian is a huge Malcolm Young fan and even he carries Malcolm’s tattoo on his arm. Check the photo  below.

You can watch the entire video from below.