Motor Sister and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian was recently interviewed by’s ‘Mosh Talks Cover Stories’ this week and talked about meeting his childhood hero, KISS frontman Paul Stanley last week.

As you might remember, Anthrax star had many interviews for years and told numerous stories of meeting celebrities like Robert De Niro, Stan Lee, Donald Trump, and many more. In the latest episode of his own radio show named ‘Never Meet Your Heroes’ of SiriusXM, which was launched in 2016, he guested Paul Stanley of KISS and recalled his feelings while talking about it with Knotfest’s Beez.

As Scott stated that he has done almost 40 episodes with many celebrities, he could do literally a 100-part series with Corey Taylor because he already knew him for many years. However, while talking to Stanley, he felt very nervous because he had no chance of hanging out with Paul before.

Here is what Anthrax star said:

“I can’t tell you how nervous I was to talk to Paul. I’ve known Paul since 1987 — not as well as I know Gene. I’ve hung out with Gene a lot over the years — a different relationship. I haven’t hung out with Paul nearly as much over time. It’s, ‘Hi. How are you?’ He’s always very polite and nice.

And those guys have gone above and beyond for Anthrax over the years. But I was so nervous, knowing that, like, in four days I’m talking to Paul, and getting my thoughts together. And it wasn’t even in person — it was on Zoom. I usually do it in person at Sirius’s studio; obviously, we can’t these days.”

He continued:

“But I told him. I said, ‘I was so nervous to come on and do this with you.’ And he was, like, ‘Why? We’ve known each other…’ And I said, ‘I don’t know. I think it’s just, with KISS, I turn into a 13-year old.’ It really goes back to that. ‘And I just have such respect for you as an artist and what you’ve done and what you’ve done with your band.’

It’s mindblowing. And we got into that too. And he’s a guy from Queens, New York — just like me. We grew up in the same area. ‘And if it’s not for what you did, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you.'”

You can watch the interview below.

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