Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has shared the photo of his close friends, Metallica, on Instagram with special message. As you can see in the photo, Lars Ulrich wearing Anthrax t-shirt.

Scott Ian wrote:

“#tbt to this killer pic. Lars is wearing one of the first ever Anthrax T’s. It’s got the logo that I drew before we had the logo you’re all familiar with.

Hey Lars still have that T? Kirk and James’ t-shirt game is strong as well. @larsulrich @kirkhammett @metallica @anthrax”

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett reposted the photo with a simple message:

“A blast from the past 🖤 thanks @scottianthrax 🤘 #fbf 🎸 #Repost @scottianthrax with @get_repost”

See the Instagram posts below.