Anthrax bassist Frank Bello spoke in an interview with Sofa King Cool. Interviewer asked whether Slayer’s upcoming farewell tour is a sign that heavy music is coming to an end.

Bello responded (transcriped by Blabbermouth):

No. Why would that be end to heavy metal? Anthrax is going stronger than ever. You’ve got Metallica going stronger than ever. Megadeth… All the bands are doing what they’re doing…

I don’t think Slayer will ever die. Even though this is the last tour, you’ll always see a Slayer… I mean, I’ll always have my records; that’s the way I look at it.

They’re all really good friends of mine, so just because they stop touring… Maybe there’ll be one-off shows and stuff like that.

There’ll always be a Slayer. I don’t consider them retiring. It’s weird for me to even hear that. I’m hoping that they’ll do one-off shows and we’ll get to play with them [beyond the final tour], ’cause I truly enjoy playing with them.”

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