Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has shared a photo of the conversation with a telemarketer on the official Instagram account and showed how he mocked her.

As you can see in the picture below, the telemarketer named Jessica was trying to learn Scott’s opinion about the 2020 CA Race. Scott was pissed off after seeing this message and couldn’t stop himself. Scott replied to her and mocked by saying ‘your mother.’ Also, he stated that this is how you deal with these kinds of people.

After he shared this conversation on social media, most of his followers shared their reaction in the comment section and the post got over 11.000 likes in thirteen hours.

Here is what Scott Ian said:

“How to deal with telemarketers. Queens style. You’re welcome.”

A fan named Clerkin added this comment:

“@scottianthrax Being from Whitestone and now living in SC. People here never get it when I say I was about to go Queens on them (until it happens). 😜”

Another fan named Nick Varnas wrote:

“Personally I would have been a bit more vulgar, but well said, Scott 🤘🏻”

You can check the post below.