Scott Ian, the guitarist of the thrash metal band Anthrax, shared a rarely known story about Dave Mustaine, who is the co-founder of Megadeth, via Instagram.

It has been known that two major names, Scott Ian and Dave Mustaine, from the two cornerstone bands in metal music, Anthrax, and Megadeth, have been seeing each other as friends to be fairly praised. That is what Scott Ian did on his latest Instagram post.

He posted a picture of himself together with Mustaine that was taken on backstage at the Country Club in Reseda in July 1984. In the caption, Ian told why Dave Mustaine invited him to a car after the show. He revealed that Mustaine asked him to hear the demos of what was to become ‘Killing Is My Business.’

Here is what Ian said on his post:

“Dave double-flipping backstage at the Country Club in Reseda circa July 84. This was our first-ever LA show and lots of friends came to hang with us.

After the show, Dave invited me out to someone’s car to hear demos of what was to become Killing Is My Business. They fucking ripped!

36 years seem to have flown by somehow and we still get to do this! Thank you, my metal friends! And thank you Dave for always going above and beyond for Anthrax! Cheers!”

You can see Scott Ian’s Instagram post below.