On the day that Pantera’s late guitarist Dimebag Darrell was murdered, Anthrax remembered the legacy of the iconic guitarist by sharing a new post on its official Instagram account.

As you may recall, on December 8, 2004, Dimebag Darrell was performing with the band he formed with his brother Vinnie Paul, Damageplan, at the Alrosa Villa nightclub in Columbus, Ohio. During their performance, a deranged young fan, Nathan Gale, shot Darrell multiple times which caused his death at the scene.

While mourning Dimebag’s death and praying for his soul by sharing a picture of him, Anthrax also stated that they never forget about Dimebag and said that they are missing him every single day.

Additionally, the guitarist of the band, Scott Ian, shared an old but gold picture with Darrell on his Instagram account to remember this devastating death and paid his tribute to the legendary guitarist.

In his latest post, Scott mentioned that this picture was taken in 1955 during the recordings of ‘Stomp 442’ and said that they had really great memories. Moreover, Scott mentioned that they have been thinking about him every day and showed his respect for Dimebag.

Here is the statement from Anthrax:

“Never far from our thoughts, we miss you, everyday brother.”

Here’s what Scott Ian paid tribute to Dimebag Darrell:

“If memory serves we had all just done shots of Tabasco because of Darrell. This was 1995 at Studio 4 in Conshohocken PA during the recording of Stomp 442. One of so many great memories. We think/talk about you every day brother. 3! 📸”

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