Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian spoke in a recent interview with The Sessions and revealed the secret behind his motivation on making music for forty years.

As you might already know, making music and playing in a band for a long time could be frustrating at some times, and some of the musicians, such as Mötley Crüe and KISS, lost their motivation and desire and ended up retiring in the past.

However, Scott Ian has been performing on the stage for almost half of a decade with Anthrax and revealed how he is still motivated to make music continuously even at the age of 57.

According to Ian, paying the bills is one of the things, but the most important reason is doing the job he loves and wants to do. Because of that, he has been able to perform as a musician for over forty years.

Here is what Scott Ian said:

“Well, paying the bills is one thing. But I’m a blue-collar guy. I’m in a blue-collar band. We’re not in that rare heir of huge, huge bands.

But we’re a band that has been able to make a living, and make our livings doing what we do the way we wanna do it, because nobody’s sticking their fingers into our business in any way, shape or form, especially creatively. It’s all about us.

That’s all I ever wanted to do with my life, was to have a job that I enjoyed that I would love to do. I never wanted to be stuck in a profession where I hated it and I would come home every day miserable.

I knew enough people who already had that; I knew enough of my friends’ parents who were miserable in their work, in their jobs, and I said, ‘I’m never gonna be that guy. I’m gonna do something that I wanna do,’ and this is what I wanted to do. And I’m going on 40 years now of doing this.”

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