The rhythm guitarist and the lyricist of Anthrax, Scott Ian, has posted a photo and unseen video on his official Instagram account today and shared his feelings while recalling ‘The Book of Souls World Tour’ in which Anthrax was the opener on many shows.

As you might already know, as well as being famous for his extraordinary vocal style and being the lead singer of Iron Maiden for 40 years, Bruce Dickinson also piloted the band’s own plane ‘Ed Force One’ many times in their career.

As always, Bruce himself was the pilot of the plane during the whole tour, and in the post that Scott has shared, he admitted that flying with ‘Iron Maiden Boeing 747’ was the most exciting experience of his whole career unless they invite them to yet another tour.

After sharing the unseen video footage from the tour, over 40K people liked the post including Slayer and Exodus legend Gary Holt. While sharing the video, he also did not forget to give credit to the photographer of the second post and also the writer of the No.1 best-selling Iron Maiden book, John McMurtrie.

Here is what Anthrax star Scott Ian wrote:

“5 years ago today we embarked on the greatest touring experience in Anthrax’s history. Iron Maiden took us on tour all across Mexico, Central, and South America on their mighty Ed Force One!!!

I think it’s safe to say that we’ll never top the experience of flying around on (our hero’s) Maiden’s 747 with BRUCE AS OUR PILOT– unless they invite us to do it again!!! We were playing sold-out stadium shows to the best crowds on the planet and then the cherry on top of the whole thing was getting to watch Maiden play every night.

This video is of us in Monterrey Mexico arriving at the plane for the first time. I’ll be posting more from this amazing tour all month.”

You can click here to check out the post.