n a recent Instagram post, Anthrax’s Scott Ian revealed his reaction about getting back on the stage after 607 days.

Anthrax participated in the Megadeth’s Megacruise event in late 2019 as well as few local shows, but couldn’t continue touring due to the coronavirus outbreak. Since then, they had been waiting to meet the audience on stage.

Yesterday, Anthrax finally be able to play live in front of the audience on the first day of Rock Fest, featuring Chris Jericho, Steel Panther, and many more. In the show, they played their most-loved songs such as ‘Time,’ ‘Mad House,’ and ‘Breathing.’

Following the show, Scott Ian pointed out that he is thrilled and joyful to be on the stage and meeting up with their friends once again. While saying that it was a great day, he also thanked Rock Fest for making it happen.

Furthermore, Scott also revealed that they will be live streaming the show until July 25 for the people who missed attending the festival, and they could find the tickets on Anthrax’s official website.

Scott Ian wrote:

“After 607 days we get to do this again tonight! See you soon Rock Fest! And if you’re not in Wisconsin, our epic live stream premieres tomorrow at 7 pm ET and will be available until July 25. Get your tickets and limited edition merch at anthraxlive.com or just click the link in my bio!

Happy happy joy joy. We played a show. We hung out with our bros. Today was a great day. Thank you Rock Fest.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Scott Ian – Instagram