Anthrax’s drummer Charlie Benante recently released a cover of ‘Bad Guy,’ featured in his cover album ‘Silver Linings.’ In an interview with Louder Sound, he revealed that he wanted to cover this pop song because of his daughter.

Benante joined Anthrax in 1993 and has been with the band ever since. He showed most of his talents with the band and contributed to Anthrax’s success with his drumming and songwriting skills. The band is currently known to be one of thrash metal pioneers and is a member of the ‘big four.’

However, the drummer’s talents do not end with drumming and songwriting. Throughout his time with Anthrax, he also played the guitar in the album ‘Speak English or Die,’ which was mentioned in Revolver’s ’14 Thrash Albums You Need to Own’ list. Moreover, Benante helped the band with the sales by designing their covers and t-shirts as a graphic artist.

The successful drummer released his cover album ‘Silver Linings’ on May 2021 and covered 14 songs, including ‘City of Blinding Lights’ by U2, ‘Teardrop’ by Massive Attack, and ‘Jimmy James’ by Beastie Boys. However, his cover of ‘Bad Guy’ by Billie Eilish attracted more attention than others.

In his interview, he stated that the reason he wanted to cover Eilish’s song originated from when his daughter played ‘Ocean Eyes’ in the car. As he loved the song, a year later, he decided to cover ‘Bad Guy.’ The drummer also stated that he thought the vocals, the melodies, and the song were really cool.

Here is what he fully said:

“The simplest answer is it’s because of my daughter. A couple of years ago, I drove her to school, and she was playing a Billie Eilish song called Ocean Eyes. I thought it was perfect!

A year later, she came out with the next record, and Bad Guy stood out to me. It was such a cool song: the vocals were cool, the melodies were cool, and I wanted to do a metalized version of it.

His fans loved the idea and complimented his guitar skills in the song. They also stated that they are looking forward to another similar cover of a pop song. Some even suggested that he should cover an entire Billie Eilish album because he is very good at adapting the metal sound to her songs. 

You can listen to the song below: