Anthrax bass player Frank Bello opened up about an emotional chapter in his book during a recent appearance on Hangin’ and Bangin’. The musician looked back on the time he lost his 23-year-old brother to murder and the horrible mental state he was in following the tragic incident.

In May 2021, Frank Bello announced the publication of his autobiography named ‘Fathers, Brothers, and Sons: Surviving Anguish, Abandonment, and Anthrax.’ The book title was based on the rocker’s life as he grew up without a father and lost a brother as well as many other tragic events that shaped his identity.

The passing of his younger brother, Anthony, is an important aspect of Bello’s private life. The 23-year-old man was murdered in the Bronx, New York City, in 1996. Unfortunately, his murder was never solved. In memory of his late brother, the rocker has a tattoo on his right upper arm with a design of Anthony’s face.

During a recent interview, Frank Bello detailed the devastating incident and how his mindset was in dark places after his brother’s death. Apparently, his brother was set up by a friend with whom he had problems in the past.

Anthony’s so-called friend shot him three times to death at the scene where there were a lot of people who allegedly saw nothing. As a result, Bello started seeking revenge that got him into a place where he could’ve ended up in prison or worse as nothing else mattered to him more than payback.

Fortunately, he started thinking about his family, his career, and his life after two weeks of hunting the murderer. The rocker began seeing things clearly as his late brother also wouldn’t want to see him in that position and let go of hunting down the killer of his brother.

About losing his brother and revenge, Bello said:

“It was March 25, 1996. My brother Anthony went to a coffee shop to meet a friend who he had a problem with a year ago. Long story short, the guy set him up. He took out a gun, three bullets, boom, done. They had issues.

There were a lot of people around, it’s a coffee shop in the Bronx with a lot of people hanging out. Nobody saw anything. It was one of those. It looks like a Scorsese film, everybody sees everything, but nobody saw anything.

The only thing I can remember, and I don’t want to bring people down here, and I say this in the book, is my mom standing alone looking at my brother under the sheet. It was horrible. It’s just a horrible thing I don’t wish on anybody.

The reason why I knew it was my brother is that the sheet didn’t cover his sneakers that he just got the week before that I knew. I still have that vision. I only say that the sneaker thing because the thing that made me snap about it, and when I say snap, I’m serious, I saw blood on his new sneakers. My God, I just blacked out after that.

For the next two weeks, there were no answers. They said they had a witness but they didn’t have a witness. I went dark. Anthrax didn’t matter, my family didn’t matter, all that mattered to me was revenge. I didn’t give a shit about music, nothing mattered honestly.”

He continued:

“Every night around 10, I got suited up. I just hunted around the same vicinity that it happened. I never touched a gun in my life, I hate guns. I talked to the wrong people, I had the wrong things in my hand. I stalked and just waited outside.

I waited for two weeks and at the end of the second week, I’m looking at this thing in my hand and saying, ‘How did I get here?’ I’m in this band, I’m successful, I got a great family. I’m thinking of my mother and saying, ‘If I do this if that dude comes out of here, and I do what I’m going to do, what happens to my mother?’

She loses another son because either I’m going to jail or more than likely I’ll be dead for retribution. It kind of pulled me out then I said, ‘Wait, I’m an idiot. What am I doing? My family is going to lose me, and then this Anthrax thing goes away too. For what then?’

My brother who passed would have smacked the shit out of me right off the bat. He would have said, ‘Are you out of your mind? Get back home.’ Thank God, I had some clarity but that was a very real thing.”

You can watch the interview down below.