Anthrax rhythm guitarist Scott Ian spoke to NFR and opened up about the band’s frontman Joey Belladonna’s forcible departure from the band, saying that the singer didn’t do anything wrong.

Anthrax has been through several line-up changes over the years due to creative differences and personal problems, especially with its lead singers. The band’s first lead vocalist was John Connelly, but shortly after, he was replaced by Neil Turbin, who wanted to leave the band following several arguments.

After trying to perform with the other singers, Anthrax members hired Joey Belladonna, who would become the band’s most famous frontman, in 1984. He was fired from the band almost a decade later, in 1992. They reunited in 2005, but he found out that he was fired again from Anthrax’s social media posts.

In 2010, Joey Belladonna returned to Anthrax once again, so it seems that they figured out their problems. During his latest interview, his bandmate Scott Ian admitted that Belladonna was a scapegoat and did nothing wrong as a musician, but Ian was struggling with some issues.

Ian stated in his interview that:

“I talk all about Joey Belladonna, I really think I poured my heart out, that was probably almost in a weird way harder than writing the stuff about my mom.

When I was writing that stuff, Joey’s back in the band, and now I’m writing about the past, I’m writing about 1991, 1992, and really talking about where I was as a human, really putting myself over a period of months, putting myself back in those shoes and really understanding that.

It really had nothing to do with Joey at the time. Joey became my scapegoat, and I was just such an angry person back then. I was angry at my mom, I was angry at relationships, I was angry at myself, and everything was scaring the shit out of me.”

You can check out the interview below.