Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian spoke about the reunions of the classic bands. In his opinion, classic bands reunion for money. 

According to Ian, there is one very simple reason why classic bands reunite. He explained:

You know, money talks. I mean, that’s really… If you really wanna be honest about it, that’s the reason why any band is gonna get back together. Especially on the level where they’re a stadium act… And, actually, the only other [band besides The Beatles that has not reunited for a tour], and they only did it for the one show, was Led Zeppelin. They did the one show at the O2, and they’ve had offers. I mean, I’ve heard of offers out there… insane amounts of money, as you could imagine. And they haven’t done it. Somehow I don’t think Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are too worried about their finances.

He is not mention to Guns N’ Roses, it was very suprising. Recently, Guns N’ Roses and they classic reunite one the most popular headline in whole music industry.

Check out this video: