In an interview in the latest issue of Metal Hammer, Anthrax’s Scott Ian opened up about his relationship with his late father-in-law, Meat Loaf.

Meat Loaf was known not only for his music career with the record-breaking ‘Bat Out of Hell’ trilogy but also as a great actor who appeared in many TV series and movies such as ‘Fight Club,’ ‘Focus,’ and ‘Glee.’

The tragic death of the famous singer and actor Meat Loaf at the age of 74 was announced at the beginning of the year. Although the cause of death was not determined, it was revealed that his family had contracted COVID-19 just before his untimely death. Thus, some sources reported that the rocker died due to the complications related to the disease.

Ian recalled his first meeting with Meat Loaf as his daughter’s date. He stated that Meat Loaf was a big rock star and a great man. He added that it was incredible to have a man like him as family and spend time with the late rocker until his sudden passing.

Scott Ian’s thoughts about his late father-in-law Meat Loaf:

“I saw him when I was 14 on the Bat Out Of Hell tour, at a place called the Calderone Concert Hall in Long Island. I was a fan of his for my whole life, and then suddenly, I’m walking into the house to take his daughter on a date, and I’m practically sh*tting myself.

I understood the pecking order. Who is the biggest rock star in the room? It’s Meat! But you know what? He was a great, great guy. Having someone like that as a touchstone and as a family? Everything about it was fantastic. He was an incredible human being.”

Scott Ian, married to Meat Loaf’s adopted daughter, Pearl Aday, is determined to keep Meat’s legacy through his family. Anthrax has also announced its ‘Fall 2022 European Tour,‘ which will be their first time in Europe since 2019. The tour will begin in September.