American thrash metal band, Anthrax’s guitarist Scott Ian spoke in an interview with Voice FM and explained the key to success in the music industry since 1981. He said that there is no secret, it’s just hard work all the time.

Here’s the statement:

“I couldn’t have done it myself – we’re obviously a band. But, yeah, I was certainly the tenacious, annoying bigmouth – I guess you could say that – certainly in the early days, trying to get our name out there and shoving it down as many people’s throats as possible, trying to make something happen for the band.

I’m talking pre-first album – before we had a record deal or anything. In my mind, we were the best and we deserved to…

Look, if you don’t believe in yourself that strongly, and if you don’t have that mindset to work your ass off forever, then you shouldn’t bother doing anything; you shouldn’t be in a band. If you don’t have the passion like that, and still have it 37 years later to keep your band moving forward, then there’s no point doing it.

People think there’s some secret or there’s some magic answer to doing this, but there isn’t – it’s work; it’s just hard work all the time. That’s the secret. And nobody wants to do that.

Even being in a band, yeah, I understand – I get to play my guitar on stage with my friends, and that’s a fucking privilege that I get to do that, and I love that.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not super-hard work all the time, and all the hours you’re not on stage and all the business you’re dealing with constantly. And then even staying focused and energetic night after night after night on tour, and the traveling and schlepping around the planet.

There’s harder jobs out there for sure, but I’ve been doing this for 37 years, and it takes an insane amount of focus to keep something fun and interesting and successful for that long.”

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