Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian spoke in a recent interview with Public Enemy’s Chuck D. and shared how KISS has influenced his music career.

In the conversation, Scott pointed out that KISS was the first rock band that he ever came across and said that they were the gateway for him. However, his parents didn’t want him listening to KISS at all.

Nevertheless, Scott loved the band’s music, image, experimentation with horror, and comical side, which are precisely the reasons why KISS has millions of fans all around the world right now.

Moreover, Scott praised the talent of the hard rock icons by saying that for him, they were the greatest band ever. In Scott’s words, KISS was a drug for him when he was a teenager but it’s clear that his parents were not that thrilled about his addiction.

Furthermore, Scott mentioned the time when he first saw KISS live at Madison Square Garden back in 1977 during the ‘Alive II Tour‘ and revealed that it was the first time he decided to be in the band and play in front of the stage.

The interviewer pointed out:

“They told me to ask you guys about KISS and their influence.”

To which Scott Ian replied:

KISS, for me, was my gateway. They were the first band as a kid I got into that my parents didn’t like, and I couldn’t have loved it more between the music, the look, the horror, the comic book aspect, all of it!

It was my drug as an 11-year-old, they wrapped it up in a bloody fiery package that was just so perfect. And seeing them at the Garden in ’77, I walked out of that show knowing that I had to do that.

I was going to be in a band, not necessarily a band blowing fire and all that, but I wanted to be on that stage. That’s what I was going to do with my life.”

You can check out the full interview below.