Anthrax rhythm guitarist Scott Ian stated that he was worried about his first performance due to the pandemic and explained why in his interview with Danny Wimmer Presents.

COVID-19 has affected every part of our lives for almost two years, as it changed how people worked, socialized, even lived to protect their health. Of course, the musicians and their crews went through hard times as well since they had to cancel or postpone their live performances due to the global pandemic restrictions and precautions.

Therefore, the artists, who couldn’t stay at their homes even for a month due to their busy concert schedules, spent a lot of time at home. A glimmer of hope appeared with the discovery of the vaccine, but the easing of the restrictions still took months. Since the musicians had to sit at home and wait patiently, this affected their performance capabilities. It can be said that it became hard to stay in shape for their energetic performances.

During a recent conversation, Anthrax’s Scott Ian admitted that he wasn’t sure about his physical condition after giving such a long break before their appearance on Rock Fest, between July 15-17, 2021, in Cadott, Wisconsin. He emphasized that they never gave 20 months of a break to their shows. Thus, they feared that some unused muscles could cause a problem, but Ian said the performance went very well.

Here’s what Ian said:

“The first date back was July 15th of 2021, and I think it had been literally 20 months to the day for us since we had finished the For All Kings Tour. So, yeah, it was definitely exciting. It was very unreal — that’s how it felt for me — because it had been seemingly a long time. I don’t know that we’ve ever gone 20 months in our 40 years.

I was worried about my physical condition because when you don’t use certain muscles for a long time… I do my fair share of headbanging, I guess, at home, if I’m listening to Slayer or something, but not like being on stage. I was worried about hurting myself, but I was okay.

You can check out the interview below.