Legendary Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has shared a photo of his bloody face on Instagram. As we saw in the photo, he’s playing guitar in the studio.

He stated with this caption:

“You should see the other guy.”

We don’t know the real reason of the bleeding. You can see the photo below.

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You should see the other guy.

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Back in November 2018, he talked with BBC Radio 1, and explained why Slayer is very special for him. He said that ‘Slayer was “probably the last band” that I got in the moshpit for’, and continued:

“The first time we met, we were all hanging out at a Mercyful Fate show at L’Amour [in Brooklyn]; it would have been late ’84, early ’85-ish. They were in town, and I remember a bunch of beers, certainly with Jeff [Hanneman, guitar] and Tom [Araya, bass/vocals], I remember specifically having beers with them.

And then the first time I saw them [perform] would have been right around that time too, I think at L’Amour in Brooklyn, and yeah, they were great. I’m pretty sure that’s the show my brother broke his nose in the pit; he got slammed across the face [and was] bleeding and [he] left the pit.

I went to check on him, and he’s, like, ‘My nose is broken,’ and then five minutes later, he was back in the pit. I remember it being a great show and everyone in New York being very excited to see those guys.”

Slayer was “probably the last band” that I got in the moshpit for. I’m thinking even into the 2000s at some point, I think I still got in the pits for Slayer; they were like the last band. I just couldn’t control myself.”

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