As we all know, Lady Gaga is a complete metal fan and listener. She went to the stage at the 58th Grammy Awards with Metallica. Then, Metallica members want to go back to the stage with Lady Gaga at the first opportunity.

Now, Scott Ian from Anthrax spoke in an interview with Duke TV and said they wanted to go out on stage with Lady Gaga. He said:

We would love to work with Lady Gaga. [Laughs] I’ve said since the beginning, since the first time I ever heard her voice, I always thought, ‘Wow, I would really love to hear her sing on a rock record, metal record, whatever.’

And then our drummer Charlie ended up meeting her at a show and they became friends. And she knows all about Anthrax and Metallica and all these bands. She’s a metalhead.

So that made it even cooler. The fact is – she knows that world, she understands that world, and she can sing the shit out of this kind of music.

I don’t know what their plans are – if Metallica has more plans with Lady Gaga or if she has plans with Metallica – but we would certainly love to write a song together, or a whole album.

Let us be your backing band. Let us be your backing band, Lady Gaga. We could make beautiful music together. [Laughs]”

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