Arch Enemy frontwoman Alissa White-Gluz is working on her own solo album. He spoke at the interview made by Metal Hammer and gave the first information about the album. She said:

“I’m hoping to be able to finish writing and recording it, but I just don’t have any time. I was working on it January and February, but I had to put my foot down and work on Arch Enemy songs, because I had this big deadline.

For my solo album I have no deadline – I just need to get it done. But I don’t want there to be throwaway songs; I want everything to be on there for a reason.

Some of the songs are written 100% by me while others are collaborations with friends or musicians I’d like to work with, so I’m using this album to express myself in a fun way.

I’m looking to get a producer as well – I’ve never worked with one before, but considering I have such little time, it might be a good idea.”

Click here to entire interview.

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