In a recent interview with Duke TV, Arch Enemy mastermind Michael Amott explained why they always recording new albums. He said:

We’re not writing pop music here. We’re actually trying to ‘express,’ we’re not trying to impress. We’re not trying to get good chart positions and stuff like that is not something we’re really thinking about when we write music.

It happens now because the band has gotten a really big fanbase which we’re very thankful. That’s not the reason why we make music. We make music to express something.”

On the band’s penchant for melody, he said:

“Growing up in the thrash and death metal scene, I was doing only that for quite a few years, then when I started ARCH ENEMY, I wanted to incorporate more guitar melodies, more dynamics, more beautiful melodies with the heavy stuff as well. This kind of mixes with what we wanted to do.

That’s what we keep doing, which I think we’re getting a little more refined and better at doing it, trying to find different ways to do it. Of course, now we have Alissa as a vocalist, she’s opened a few doors musically as well. She can do more things with her voice. Yeah, it’s always been about having that balance between melody and heaviness.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.