As I Lay Dying posted a recent statement on Facebook to announce that Josh Gilbert is leaving the band as he has plans to work on other musical endeavors.

Josh Gilbert left the band This Endearing and joined As I Lay Dying after Clint Norris’ departure in November 2006. He worked with them from 2006 until 2014, when the frontman Lambesis was arrested. After Lambesis’ release and As I Lay Dying’s reunion, Gilbert continued to work with the band.

In a recent Facebook post, As I Lay Dying stated that they had time to consider new endeavors in life other than the band throughout the past couple of years. Thus, Gilbert decided to leave AILD to pursue other musical interests. They then thanked Gilbert for his contributions and wished him the best.

In the Facebook post, As I Lay Dying stated the following:

“As we have been nearing our first tour back since the beginning of 2020, there have been several developments within AILD that we’d like to share with our fans. The past couple of years off from the road with the uncertainty of how or when touring would pick up again has provided time to consider new endeavors in life apart from AILD.

Josh Gilbert has decided to exit AILD to pursue other musical opportunities. Josh has been a strong contributor musically for AILD since joining in 2007, so we are grateful for all his contributions and his friendship over the years. We wish him all the best and are excited to see where this new path takes him in life.”

In his own Facebook post, Gilbert also announced his departure and thanked the band for the opportunity of playing music with them and traveling the world together. He then thanked fans for making this possible and wished AILD the best for moving forward. So, both parties are on good terms.

Gilbert’s Facebook post read:

“Hello, friends. After 15 years (almost half my life), I’ve decided to part ways with As I Lay Dying. Despite the ups and downs inherent, I’ll always be grateful for the profound privilege of being able to grow up traveling the world and playing music with the band.

None of that would be possible without the fans of the band, so for that, I sincerely thank you all so much for allowing me the opportunity. I wish the best for AILD moving forward, and I hope to see all of you sooner rather than later.”

In their Facebook post, As I Lay Dying also announced the Two Decades Of Destruction US Tour that will take place between June 10 and July 17. They also revealed Ryan Neff and Ken Susi would join them for the shows, and they will release new music after concluding the tour.