Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce recently had a conversation with Metal Hammer. Obviously, Bruce is so sick of hate and brutal criticism…

Such that he wants to delete all social media from the internet for six months.

Here is what he talked about criticism and haters:

“It’s not nice to be criticized anyway, but especially when it’s unjust. People are like, ‘You’re fat now,’ and I’m like, ‘Who the fuck are you?!’ I’m a 30-year-old man, I don’t think I’m doing too badly!

Well, look what you used to look like!’ Yeah, when I was a teenager! Things like that can still get under my skin depending on the mood I’m in, but you just have to take it in your stride.

If someone says, ‘I don’t like your band, they’re not for me,’ that’s fine; I don’t like lots of bands. But it’s just the childish shit.

Someone said, ‘Your daughter doesn’t even look like you, I bet it’s someone else’s.‘ “Fuck you! What’s wrong with you? What have I done to you that’s made you so upset that you’re going to attack my children and my family life?”

Bruce thinks that before social media, we had the knowledge about environment. According to Ben, it will be nice to delete all social media.

Here is what he says:

“There are a lot of fucking idiots in the world. Before social media, not everyone had a voice, and the people that had a voice were heard because their message was powerful.

Now, you could be anyone, start a Twitter account, and you have a voice all of a sudden. It’d be nice to hit the reset button and delete all social media from the internet for six months.

Twitter could shut down, Facebook could shut down, and everyone could look up from their phones and go, ‘Oh, look, there’s trees outside!'”

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