Press Release: Dewar PR

Sludge metal band ATONEMENT THEORY have teamed up with Transcending Obscurity to stream “Illumination”. The track is taken from the EP of the same name, which will be re-issued as a deluxe digital version on July 28th 2017. The deluxe version will include new liner notes and a bonus track.

Listen to Illumination here:

About Atonement Theory:

Atonement Theory was officially formed in the spring of 2016 as Jay Jancetic of Harm’s Way “solo project.” Jancetic also previously played guitar for Chicago hardcore bands Arma Angelus (ex Fall Out Boy), Extinction (ex Suicide File, Hope Conspiracy) and Stabbed By Words (ex Unbroken, Sweet Cobra.)

Although born several years prior when work on the debut EP “Illumination” actually began, the spawn behind Jancetic’s project was to deliver a deliberate balance of heavy and melodic music, while expressing a deep emotional connection. Mixing industrial drum machine beats with driving guitar work, Atonement Theory delivers a unique sound, painting darkness with melodic ethereal brushstrokes. Jancetic transports you with the dark, driving, and forceful core of Isis, the melodic emotional melancholy of Failure and the omnipresent atmospheric heaviness of Neurosis.

In June of 2016, Jancetic added Greg Bruchert (ex The Killer, Synnecrosis) to perform live bass duties, and Atonement Theory began performing live and released their debut 12” EP “Illumination” on Chicago based Indie-label IDEFY Records. A music video (directed by Max Moore) for the intended single “Sink; The Abyss Of Dwelling” was subsequently released in August 2016 as well and debuted on New Noise Magazine’s website. The music for the debut EP was written and recorded by Jay Jancetic at his home studio over the course of several years before being completed in late 2015. Vocal recording, additional production, mixing and mastering were completed by Pete Grossman at Bricktop Studios (Without Waves, Weekend Nachos, Exalt, Like Rats, No Zodiac) in 2015.

Jancetic (guitars/vocals/keyboard/programming) has also since added Phil Marfoglio (guitar) and Eorl Scholl (drums) to the lineup in a step to both to perform the songs live and in an evolution away from a “solo project” to a more traditional lineup. Jancetic continues to write, record and produce the majority of the music himself with the intent of releasing more music.