The heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold just put their signature to an innovative project involving NFTs and tokens, aiming to bring their fan community under one umbrella. They recently announced the Deathbats Club from their Instagram account and explained the system on their YouTube Channel.

NFTs, otherwise known as Non-fungible tokens, are currently popular among musicians, especially rockstars. Well-known bands like Evanescence and Megadeth released their NFTs, following the pandemic outbreak and the subsequent lockdowns. It was a convenient way for the artists to stay connected and provide fans with some of their work while they were all stuck in their homes.

Avenged Sevenfold recently upped the NFT game and announced the Deathbats Club to their fans. People will be able to buy tokens, become club members, and stay in touch with the band. This club will host up to 10.000 members, and it will be a good way of staying connected to the fans through the blockchain.

The band explained in their YouTube video that this idea emerged from thinking about what more they can do for their fanbase aside from providing them with music. Their main target was to stay more connected with the fans and therefore they thought about NFTs that act as an entrance ticket to the Deathbats Club.

Here is what they stated in the video:

“When we started thinking deeply about what it means to be part of a community and thinking about what could we offer to our fans, what we could do better, we started realizing these NFTs, these Non-fungible tokens being on the blockchain was gonna help us realize some of our dreams and ambitions.

More than the most important part of understanding these NFTs is that it’s not just a piece of art. It actually plays as a token into this ultimate club. They provide you a concrete address where we can airdrop or co-host different opportunities, actions and share our time with you guys.”

They continued to explain the benefits of the club and listed advantages as; exclusive merchandise, guitar lessons from the band members, virtual and face-to-face meet and greets, Q&A sessions, tickets, and discounts. They designed a special artwork for the tokens to welcome their fans to the community and shared the Discord link to their channel where they will be in touch with the fans and listen to their wishes.

M. Shadows explained their plans as follows:

“What we’ve found is that with NFTs, we can bring it all in-house and make it much more personal. For instance, if you wanna get a guitar lesson from Synyster Gates, how do you go about doing that? If you wanna play a round of golf with M. Shadows, how do you go about doing that? You can simply do it instantly on the blockchain.”

He added:

“There will be in-person and virtual guitar lessons, meet and greets, tickets, discounts on merchandise, signed guitars, signed posters, exclusive guitar giveaways. The possibilities are endless.”

Along with uploading a Youtube video, the band also posted the same video on their Instagram account to announce the release of the Club. They accompanied the video with the caption showing their excitement for the project and welcoming their dedicated fans.

Here is what they stated in their Instagram caption:

“We have been working tirelessly on creating the ultimate experience for you all. We could not be more excited to take this journey together. Welcome to the Deathbats Club.

You can watch their explanatory video below.