American metal band Avenged Sevenfold has released their latest album “The Stage” in last year without any prior announcement. For this reason, the sales figures of the album were a big disappointment. The album achieved very low sales figures.

Vocalist M. Shadows interviewed by Full Metal Jackie and he explained why they decided to surprise release “The Stage” album. He said:

We’re just trying to figure out new ways to get music to people, to excite the fanbase. Also, people have shorter attention spans now with the way information comes and goes so quickly on the Internet.

We’re just trying to figure out the puzzle. And one thing that we really didn’t wanna do was be months out [from the album release] and just keep releasing singles and really just getting on people’s nerves with all the promotion. So this was just another way to do it. I don’t know if it was the greatest plan in the world, but I know it was a plan, and it was different, and it was exciting to us.

But I just talked to a few radio stations today and there’s radio DJs that got [the] ‘God Damn’ [single] for the first time, and they’re, like, ‘Yeah, so the new record’s coming out, huh?’ And I go, ‘No. The record came out four months ago. And they’re, like, ‘Really? Why are we just getting a single now?’

So there’s a lot of explaining to do, I guess. Part of this Metallica tour is gonna be us getting in front of the people and making our case for, ‘Hey, this is a cool record and you should check it out.’ Or that it exists at all.”

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