During the recent interview with Gear Factor, Avenged Sevenfold lead guitarist Synyster Gates explained his thoughts on online guitar lessons.

He said that ‘you cannot get a good education with even a thousand videos’. Here’s the statement:

“It’s a really exciting project that has been in the making for about six or seven years with my father, who’s a seasoned veteran. He played with everybody from Frank Zappa, Tower of Power, all these kind of cool cats…

So we designed this community that basically… You know, they get to hang, they teach each other, we’re on there all the time, asking questions.

The secret is with online education, you cannot get a good education with even a thousand videos. There’s just multiple chasms.

Maybe it’s a problem with the learning experience, you don’t know how to learn. So other people helping other people figure out those things, having a very community-based system makes a world of difference.

He also said that ‘I’m an intermediate guitar player’. Here’s why:

“That’s a million dollar question: ‘How to learn?’. I found it fascinating that the coolest people on there are the beginners because they’ve gotten over a hump they can more easily relate to others that are having a difficult time and tell them, ‘This is what got me over the hump.’

Whereas for me, I’m an intermediate player. I haven’t been a beginner player for two years. So I fuckin’ don’t remember what it’s like to be a beginner player, I can’t help them. I’m like ‘Wow, these scales do this and this and this.’ But the beginners are better on that.”

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