Pop-punk vocalist Avril Lavigne shared a post on her official Instagram announcing the release date of her brand new song named ‘Flames,’ a collaboration with the rapper Mod Sun, apparently, the new track will be released on January 8.

As you may know, Avril Lavigne has posted pictures from the studio a few weeks ago and announced the exciting news to her fans as she seemingly is recording a brand new song with the rapper, and her friend Mod Sun.

Since Avril Lavigne’s pictures from the studio fans have been waiting to hear more about the new collaboration and Lavigne shared another picture on her official Instagram page revealing that the brand new song will be out in the new year.

Here is what she said:

“So are we ready for new music in the new year or what? Lemme know…..”

Recently, Avril Lavigne shared another post on her official Instagram page announcing that the collaboration with Mod Sun will be released on January 8 and now ready for pre-order. Lavigne also revealed that the name of the brand new song is ‘Flames.’

Here is what Lavigne said:

‘Flames’ with Mod Sun featuring me January 8th pre-save now”

You can see the Instagram post below.