Canadian-French singer and one of the most popular figures of the 21st century, Avril Lavigne, changed her profile picture on all of her social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.

While Avril Lavigne using his social media accounts to share frequent posts about ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests, she also promotes her recently released single named ‘We Are Warriors.’

After releasing the single on whole streaming platforms and YouTube, Avril Lavigne changed her profile picture after a very long time and surprised the community with her radical decision.

Let’s remember what Avril told about her latest single and the story of why she decided to change the lyrics of the song earlier:

“I was at home racking my brain like what could I do? Everyone out there on the frontlines, they are warriors. I changed it from ‘I’m a warrior’ to ‘We are warriors.’ Cause we are warriors, we’ll fight for our lives. Like soldiers all through the night.”

She continued:

“We wrote this song from an introspective, truthful place, and probably what most people are actually feeling right now.

With everything that is happening in the world currently and how fast-paced we are as a society in general, sometimes you just want everything to stop—just to appreciate what we do have. People are suffering and it can’t be ignored.”

You can check out the latest profile picture of Avril Lavigne and watch her latest video clip named ‘We Are Warriors’ right below.