Kelly Clarkson Show shared a clip from Avril Lavigne‘s recent appearance on the show via a post on its official Instagram account. In the video, Lavigne told the story of how she started dating her boyfriend and singer, Mod Sun.

After taking almost three years off following ‘Head Above Water,’ Avril Lavigne thrilled her fans with some exciting news. The singer announced that she began her new album’s writing, composing, recording process in 2020. Later, Lavigne signed a deal with Travis Barker’s record label DTA Records.

Avril Lavigne dropped two singles from the upcoming record, ‘Bite Me’ featuring Barker and ‘Love It When You Hate Me.’ Then, the Canadian musician released her latest and seventh studio album entitled ‘Love Sux’ on February 25, 2022, in which she collaborated with Mod Sun, Blackbear, and Mark Hoppus, besides Travis Barker.

The Queen of Pop Punk had previously teamed up with Mod Sun for one of his songs entitled ‘Flames,’ released on the singer’s fourth studio album named ‘Internet Killed the Rockstar’ on February 12, 2021. A short time later, the two musicians turned out to be more than collaborators as they announced their relationship while working on different projects together.

In a recent interview, Avril Lavigne opened up about the beginning of her relationship with Mod Sun. The musician revealed that she had decided not to date anyone for a while and focus on her album. So, the singer wrote ‘Love Sux’ to set the album’s tone, but ironically, she ended up getting together with Mod Sun just a couple of days later, which was unexpected.

The show’s IG post read:


Here’s what Clarkson said:

“Your new album is called ‘Love Sux’ which, well, sometimes it does, but I heard ironically enough, you met with your new boyfriend while making it.”

To which Lavigne responded as follows:

“How funny is that? Like I went into the studio, and I’m like ‘Here’s where I’m at, I’m over love. I need a hot minute. I’m jaded on love right now.’ You have to do that when you’re in your writing sessions; talk about where you are at.

So I wrote that song ‘Love Sux’ and set the tone for this album, and then a couple of days later, I had a boyfriend. I’m never single.”

You can check out Avril Lavigne’s song with Mod Sun below.

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