The famous singer and former actress, Avril Lavigne posted a video on her official Instagram account to introduce her new motorcycle and shared more details on her upcoming album‘s recording process.

As you may recall, Avril Lavigne’s latest studio album, ‘Head Above Water,’ was released on February 15, 2019. The album was inspired by her struggle with Lyme disease and managed to reach the top ten in several countries from Japan to the UK.

A couple of weeks ago, Lavigne hinted at some exciting news about a possible new album by posting her pictures from a recording studio with her friends Derek Ryan Smith, known professionally as Mod Sun, and John Feldmann.

Recently on Instagram, Avril Lavigne shared a video of herself while riding her custom-built motorcycle. Lavigne mentioned in the video that her pink and black-colored motorcycle was built by Revival Motorcycles and had a detail to show it was specifically designed for her. Apparently, it says ‘MFP’ on her bike which is an abbreviation of ‘Mother F*cking Princes.’

Moreover, in the video, Lavigne talked about how she spent time during the challenging year of 2020. It seems that for the last two weeks, Avril has been spending most of her time working in the studio for her upcoming album. The talented musician also mentioned that she has been ‘riding her bike’ while she is not recording in the studio.

Here’s what Avril Lavigne stated in the video she posted:

“I have been in the studio for the last two weeks every day. This is my new cake bike. It was custom built for me by Revival Motorcycles. It says MFP, Mother F*cking Princes.”

Here’s what Lavigne wrote in the caption of her video:

Writing and Riding into 2021 like… 🎸🎤🏍”

You can watch the video Avril Lavigne posted on her Instagram account below.