Gorgeous vocalist Avril Lavigne has shared a new video on her official Instagram account and made an important announcement about the people who are putting their lives at risk during the coronavirus outbreak.

Maybe most of us are safe in our houses during the coronavirus outbreak, but there are some people still working for our good. Healthcare workers, policemen, firefighters, are still out there despite the coronavirus pandemic.

As you might remember, Avril Lavigne announced her new project a few days ago and stated that she wanted to honor these people and called them as warriors. Also, she asked for photos/videos from her warriors to reveal what they are dealing with right now.

Finally, Avril Lavigne announced her newest song named ‘We Are Warriors’ and paid her tribute to these people who are putting their lives at risk for us. However, there are no music clips for this song yet, but we thought that she is putting the materials she got from the fans together.

Furthermore, she mentioned that the Avril Lavinge Foundation is supplying personal protective equipment for the healthcare workers and said that she is going to sing this song live on Instagram to show her support to the community.

Here is what Avril Lavigne captioned:

“Hope you are all safe! Thank you to everyone keeping us safe. You are the true warriors, Check out my new song ‘We Are Warriors.’

Avril Lavinge Foundation has partnered with Project Hope. Supplying PPE to medical workers around the world.”

You can check out the video and listen to the song below.