Avril Lavigne, a successful musician, made a surprise video for the NFL player George Kittle after seeing his video of singing her song Sk8er Boi during training camp. The video of Kittle was adorable so as his reaction to Lavigne’s video too.

In August 2020, a video of George Kittle, American football tight end for the 49ers of the NFL, while he was singing one of the most iconic songs of Avril Lavigne, Sk8er Boi during training camp went viral and he looks incredibly adorable.

Avril Lavigne made a surprise video for George and he got the opportunity to see it with his bandmates during the game break. His reaction is to die for since he is apparently a huge of Lavigne and their interaction melted fans’ hearts.

Here is what Lavigne said in the video:

“Oh hey there George. It’s your friend Avril Lavigne from Canada. I’m just gonna grab a pub and sit down on the chesterfield now. You guys have a good game!”

After this incident that fans loved to see, George Kittle shared a story on his official Instagram page and stated that he thinks he has peaked. While his admiration for Lavigne is obvious, Lavigne also shared the same story on her official Instagram page and the two gained every NFL fans’ heart.

You can see the Instagram story and the video below.

Photo Credit: Avril Lavigne – Instagram Stories