The iconic new-age star Avril Lavigne posted a new photo on his official Instagram page and asked all community to give a little pause to sending new stuff after the anger grows over George Floyd’s death demonstration.

This rare post got almost 35K likes until now. However, Avril Lavigne chose not to write anything on the description of the photo. Instead, her fans took to the comment section share their admiration for her.

Here is what’s written on the post:

“Music Industry Black Out Tuesday

Due to recent events please join us as we take an urgent step of action to provoke accountability and change.

As gatekeepers of the culture, it’s our responsibility to not only come together to celebrate the wins but also hold each other up during a loss.

Join us on Tuesday JUNE 2 as a day to disconnect from work and reconnect with our community. #THESHOWMUSTBEPAUSED”

An Instagram user named victoriasiqueira wrote this:

“I love you so much! I’m so proud of you Queen. 🖤”

Another user, zaynepdogan, asked Avril to go his country:

“Come to Turkey after corona ends.”

You can check out the latest Instagram post of Avril below.