Avril Lavigne announced in a recent tweet the postponement of several upcoming shows because of the positive coronavirus case among the tour team.

On February 15, 2019, Avril Lavigne released her sixth studio album named ‘Head Above Water.’ The singer hit the road for the album’s promotion in September 2019 in North America. Because of the pandemic, she could not continue the Europe tour in 2020.

Lavigne released a new single called ‘Bite Me‘ to prove to the fans that it would be worth waiting for the postponed upcoming shows. In November 2021, she announced the Bite Me Tour dates for Canada, which will begin in May 2022.

In a recent tweet Lavigne shared on her official account, she stated that they had to postpone the upcoming shows in Laval, QC, Moncton, and others she wrote because of the positive COVID case in the tour team.

She mentioned that the Place Bell show would be on May 7, and other dates will be announced soon. The singer expressed her sadness because of this postponement and added that they would meet her audience soon.

Avil Lavigne said in the tweet:

“To my fans and friends in Laval, QC, Moncton, NB, and Halifax, NS, we are sincerely sorry to let you know that we are postponing these shows due to a positive Covid case within the tour and subsequent exposures.

Tonight’s show at Place Bell will be rescheduled for May 7, and new dates for both Moncton and Halifax will be announced shortly.

I/We sincerely apologize and want you to know this was not a decision we made lightly. We remain focused on everyone’s safety and can’t wait to see you all very soon.”

You can see the tweet below.