The Queen of Pop Punk, Avril Lavigne, shared a new photo on her Instagram stories, and she had a message to her loyal fans after so long.

The 35-year-old singer had been suffering from many crises throughout her musical career. Most recently, Lavigne has released her first album after battling with the deadly Lyme disease, ‘Head Above Water,’ on February 15, 2019.

She described this album as the representation of her struggle to survive and her near-death experience during the healing process. The fans were also blissful to see her recovery and finally being able to listen to her songs again.

Recently, on her official Instagram account, Avril Lavigne has shared a picture of the album cover and send a message to her fans all around the world:

“Thank you to all the fans for their continued support!”

Check out the picture Avril Lavigne shared via stories of her official Instagram account below.

Photo Credit: Avril Lavigne – Instagram