The Queen of Pop Punk, Avril Lavigne, recently posted a video on her Instagram account and talked about her recent performance with YUNGBLUD on his YouTube show and said that she really enjoyed performing her all-time favorite song, ‘Im With You.’

Avril Lavigne is without a doubt one of the most well-known musicians of the 21st century and she has sold over 35 million albums and 25 million singles all around the world. She recently excited her fans by telling them that she has finished recording her new album and that the release date will be announced any day now.

While fans are excitedly waiting, Avril decided to treat them with an all-time favorite, her Grammy-nominated song ‘I’m With You’ from her debut album. A couple of days ago, she was the guest of the successful musician YUNGBLUD on his YouTube show where the two of them performed this unforgettable song.

Their performance has already received hundreds of thousands of views and the comments on YouTube are highly positive. It looks like everyone had missed the early 2000s Avril and YUNGBLUD’s amazing vocals made the performance even better. In the caption of her post, Avril said that it was a ‘super fun performance’ and that she especially liked the ‘impromptu first pump/kick combo at the very end.’

Here’s what Avril Lavigne said in the caption of her recent Instagram post:

Super fun performance ofIm With You‘ with YUNGBLUD for the YUNGBLUD show, he killed it! Have to say my favorite part was the impromptu first pump/kick combo at the very end ⚡️🎸

Watch it on YUNGBLUD’s YouTube channel.”

Click here to check out Avril’s post and you can watch YUNGBLUD and Avril Lavigne’s performance below.