An emotional and nostalgic musician, Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose is not. However, he recently surprised his fans during the band’s show in Atlantic City on Saturday Night. Rose told the story of how he and former rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin wrote GN’R’s first song, and it’s fair to say that he unexpectedly got emotional.

For those of you who may not know, Izzy Stradlin and Axl Rose co-founded GNR together in March 1985. The band started performing in the most popular nightclubs such as the Whiskey a Go Go, The Roxy, and The Troubadour, during which Stradlin established himself as a key songwriter.

The rest was history as the band’s success grew pretty much instantly, which caused tension among the band members. Axl Rose’s disturbing behaviors against his band members were bothering the rhythm guitarist already when he was sentenced to a year’s probation for urinating in public aboard an airplane.

Following the notorious incident, Stradlin decided to attain sobriety and returned to his house in Indiana, where he completely detoxed from drugs and alcohol. While it was the best decision for his health and future, being sober made things clearer for the rocker, and he had become dissatisfied with life in GNR.

Combined with the lead singer’s actions, Guns N’ Roses co-founder left the band, playing his final show as an official member on August 31, 1991, at Wembley Stadium. Since then, the two former bandmates have shared the stage on multiple occasions, but they cannot be called best friends.

Interestingly, Axl Rose got emotional before performing ‘Don’t Cry’ at the Etess Arena in Atlantic City on September 12 during the Guns N’ Roses tour. The singer told the story of how he and his former bandmate Izzy Stradlin wrote the song together, and he got uncharacteristically nostalgic.

Apparently, the frontman and guitarist weren’t in a good state when it came to their relationship for the past few months. Wanting the band to be back on track, Axl Rose went to Stradlin’s house, and the two wrote the first-ever Guns N’ Roses song together.

In his own words, Rose said:

“This next one is the first song that was written for Guns N’ Roses. I went over to Izzy’s and I threw some rocks at his window. He came to the window and was worried I came over there to kick his ass. We’d been in an argument for a few months. It was like the Blues Brothers. ‘We gotta get the band back together.

“We sat down. And I was like, ‘Hey, I got some really depressing lyrics.’ He was like, ‘I got a really depressing guitar part.’ I was like, ‘Perfect, we got it made.’”

You can watch those moments down below.