Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose recently posted a statement to reflect his thoughts and feelings about their North America Tour on his Twitter account and thanked everyone that contributed, especially Wolfgang Van Halen.

As you may recall, Guns N’ Roses had previously announced that they were going back to the stage for their North America Tour. The tour started on July 31 in Pennsylvania and ended on October 3 in Florida. Mammoth WVH founder Wolf Van Halen joined the tour as the opening act.

In addition, Wolf Van Halen’s performances featuring tracks from his debut album were so appreciated that even some GN’R fans wanted to watch him instead of Axl Rose. Therefore, while Axl Rose was heavily criticized for his vocal performance, Wolf drew a lot of attention and praise.

In his recent tweet, after the end of their latest tour, Axl Rose released a statement to share his gratitude for their audience and crew, who did everything to support them during a tour that took place in the shadow of the pandemic. Rose also thanked Wolfgang for his performances, and the young musician responded by saying that ‘it was an absolute honor.’

Axl Rose’s tweet read:

“Again huge thanks to everyone that came out to the shows!

A special thanks to everyone for working with us to help protect your safety. The safety of each other. The safety of our crew and the Venue’s crews following our COVID protocol. These were stressful times (which is an understatement) and your cooperation and participation are greatly appreciated and not taken for granted.

We didn’t take going into this tour lightly and there were huge industry considerations (and reasonings) to take into account in taking on such an endeavor and we truly want to thank everyone that came out or was involved in any way for making it great and that things ran smoothly as they did!

And last but not least a big thanks to Wolfie Van Halen and Mammoth WVH for a great run! Peace and hope to see everyone again soon.”

Wolfgang Van Halen responded:

It was an absolute honor, Axl! Thanks so much for everything!!”

You can see the tweets below.