Lisa Marie Presley’s untimely death shocked many, and Axl Rose has been among those who had a hard time accepting Presley’s passing. Recently, the GN’R frontman took the stage in Lisa Marie’s public memorial, singing the iconic ‘November Rain’ and making an emotional speech to honor the late musician. Axl also remembered Lisa Marie’s difficult time coping with her son Benjamin’s passing.

“With Lisa’s passing, I knew if I was invited, I needed to come to these ceremonies,” began Rose before starting his performance. “I hadn’t planned on speaking, and when I was put on the spot, I really didn’t know what to say. And I was tongue-tied and nervous. And I didn’t even really know what I said. But I, as I’m sure many of you, are still in shock, as I feel I’ll continue to be for quite some time.”

The singer continued by further noting how shocked he was by Lisa’s death. Rose stated, “I feel like I’m supposed to be texting her, like right now, saying I’m here, telling her how wonderful everyone is. I never in a million years imagined singing here, and especially under these circumstances. This is truly devastating, and I’m sure excruciating for everyone here and all of those affected by her passing.”

The GN’R musician added, “At the same time, one can see how hard everyone’s worked, and is working, to make this as beautiful for Lisa as it can be, and is. I’m honored to be here for Lisa and her family. I don’t know that I deserve to be here, especially speaking amongst those that have known Lisa for longer and were much closer than her and I, especially her family and those that have known her most of their lives or even all of hers.”

For Axl, Presley’s love and respect for her father and family were one of her best qualities. He stated, “I do know Lisa loved her family very much and was fiercely protective of her father, his legacy, and both her love for him and his love for her. She was extremely proud, as proud as anyone could ever be of her father and his many accomplishments, his place in music, America and American and world history.”

The singer also noted that the late musician was quite happy with the recent ‘Elvis’ movie. “She was also very proud of the ‘Elvis’ movie, and how she felt it portrayed her father, and the care that was put into the film by those involved, Mr. Luhrmann’s vision and direction, and Austin Butler’s dedication to the role of her father.”

However, with Lisa’s son Benjamin Keough’s suicide at quite a young age, things went downhill in her life. Rose said, “With Ben’s passing, Lisa’s life, and the rest of her family, and his loved ones, took a turn down a hard road that she was honoring to the best of her abilities, seeking out help and choosing to help others who experienced or were experiencing such a loss and pain.”

Axl Rose concluded his words by noting that she would always be remembered, and this memorial was a way for everyone to share their memories and condolences for one another. The singer expressed, “We are gathered here today to pay our respects to Lisa and her family and to share our memories, console one another to the degree that we’re able.”

Presley’s memory would continue to live through the ones who love her deeply. Rose lastly said, “And though under such difficult, heartbreaking, and somber circumstances, also to celebrate the life of a friend, a loved one, a beautiful and good soul, and a cherished and deeply missed family member Lisa’s loved and missed by many, and will continue to be loved and missed by all those whose lives she touched. Thank you.”

Thus, Axl Rose’s speech indeed brought tears to anyone who listened, and it might be safe to say that Lisa would appreciate her friend for this beloved speech. Presley’s memory will undoubtedly continue to live through her family, friends, fans, and, of course, last but not least, music.