The founder of L.A Guns and former Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Tracii Guns was the recent interview guest of the famous host, Eddie Trunk and revealed the untold story of him being struggled between of Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan.

Here is the conversation below, transcribed by Alternative Nation.

Tracii Guns:

“The show was fine and then Duff [McKagan] drove me home, Duff’s girlfriend Katarina drove us home. I told Duff on the way home:

“Is this cool?”

Duff was like:

“Yeah, did you see all the people?”

I said:

“No, no, what’s going on here?”

Then he goes:

“Yeah, I know Axl, that’s why we’re a band and then we have a singer.” 

I’m like:

“Yeah but he’s like my best friend and I haven’t talked to him in like, eight days.”

Eddie Trunk:

“So he got real distant on you?”

Tracii Guns:

“Duff got real distant from everything. Like he was just, newfound power.”

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