Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose was heavily criticized by the fans once again in the comments section of a Youtube video from the band’s recent concert, where they are performing ‘Welcome To The Jungle.’

As you might remember, Guns N’ Roses went back to performing live after taking a break because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The band started their North America Tour on July 31 in Pennsylvania and gave their final show on October 3 in Florida. Mammoth WVH opened most of Guns N’ Roses’ shows.

Even though the fans felt happy when they heard the news about the new GN’R tour, most were very disappointed in Axl Rose’s current vocal performance and stamina. After a fan shared the band’s performance from August 8 in Detroit, many wrote harsh comments under the video.

GN’R fans started questioning Axl Rose’s performance, saying that he lost his voice and is out of shape. One of them stated that Rose could not reach high tones like he used to do, but another fan defended Rose by highlighting his energy and talent as a showman.

A fan’s comment read as follows:

“Axl’s voice is not there anymore, but he has a lot of energy to move around the stage!”

Another fan added:

Axl still has his natural range – which is as a low tenor. His high notes are actually in an alto’s range, and he can’t get there in his chest voice anymore. He’s singing in his head voice (falsetto), and that’s never going to sound very ‘rock and roll.’

I wish they’d bring songs like ‘Jungle’ down by about three whole steps, but I suppose they never will. Again, Axl can still sing – but not as an alto.”

The other one responded:

“Voice definitely hasn’t been cared for overtime, but as others said, very energetic and still a showman. Gets out of breath easy, though.”

You can watch the video below.

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