Babymetal founded in 2010 and quickly became one of the world’s most talked-about metal bands. The band’s current goal is to be the pioneer of new music trends bearing their own names.

Babymetal girls explained these goal in an interview with NME. They said:

“We want to continue to challenge ourselves and make sure that we do not lose our unique identity as Babymetal. Like Muse and Linkin Park, we are also striving to be the one and only to create a new genre called Babymetal. We hope to be as cool as them.

Being involved with Babymetal has allowed me to acquire more chances to really become involved with music. As a result, I find myself noticing each individual instrument the band plays and I feel that I have found a new way of enjoying music on a deeper level.”

We will see if they can reach this goal. Their second and latest album Metal Resistance was released worldwide on April 1, 2016. 

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Meanwhile, Babymetal is preparing for a tour that they will perform as the front band of Guns N ‘Roses.