In a recent conversation with Louder Sound, Bad Religion guitarist Brian Baker chose several albums that impacted his music career. While talking about AC/DC’s album, Baker mentioned Malcolm Young as ‘the real gem’ in the band.

AC/DC appeared on the music scene with its debut album named ‘High Voltage’ in 1975. The band created many impactful works, and the sixth studio album released in 1978 entitled ‘Powerage‘ was among them.

Although ‘Powerage’ could not gain initial sales success, many musicians, such as Eddie Van Halen, chose the album as their favorite one from AC/DC. Moreover, the late rocker adored the album so much that he introduced it to other significant musicians.

One of the building stones of the group’s successful album was Malcolm Young as the co-founder and rhythm guitarist. Young contributed to AC/DC’s unique sound with his excellent guitar playing from 1973 to 2014. Although Young passed away in 2017, his fantastic guitar riffs have still been an inspiration for many musicians.

In a recent conversation, guitarist Brian Baker counted AC/DC’s ‘Powerage’ among the albums that significantly influenced his music career, especially in playing guitar. According to Baker, the album was the best one from the band, which provided him with improving his playing guitar.

The Bad Religion guitarist stated that he was affected by this album whenever he heard it. Besides Bon Scott, George Harrison, and Angus Young, Malcolm Young had a distinctive influence on Baker’s life. The rocker described Malcolm Young as a ‘real gem,’ indicating his value primarily because of his essential contributions to guitar sounds in ‘Powerage.’

Brian Baker revealed that ‘Powerage’ was his favorite AC/DC album:

“It’s their best album. This was my rock guitar solo primer. I started playing guitar when I was eight in 1973, but I didn’t start to get serious until about 1978 when ‘Powerage’ appeared. So that was my first AC/DC exposure, then I became a fan of everything else by them subsequently.

It’s just the right record. It’s the right, Bon Scott. There is a rawness to it. It sounds like it’s recorded in a living room. There are many mistakes in it; it’s just a real record. It still gives me chills when I hear it. It’s how I first learned to play guitar solos, a little bit of George Harrison, and a lot of Angus Young!

But Malcolm Young is the real gem. When you become an AC/DC lunatic, you discover how important Malcolm is on the sonic spectrum, and in ‘Powerage,’ you can clearly hear it because the guitars are so separated. You can hear what he’s doing and his tone.”

Many musicians have appreciated AC/DC since the beginning of its appearance on the rock scene. Bad Religion guitarist Brian Baker was among them, as he shared in a recent conversation. Baker revealed ‘Powerage’ as his favorite AC/DC album. According to him, Malcolm Young had an important place in this album with his guitar sounds.

You can listen to ‘Powerage’ below.