Speaking in a recent interview with Metalshop TV, Behemoth frontman Nergal explained the meaning of their upcoming album’s title. He said:

“It’s very complex, but let’s put it this way. This is the eleventh BEHEMOTH album, and due to the fact that Christianity is… One of the biggest dogmas is Ten Commandments.

In Christian symbolism and numerology, the number 11 stands for something transgressive and very sacrilegious and very blaspehemous, because it’s 11. Because there’s 10 commandments, 10 is a number that is completed.

So 11 means that it’s something that just imbalances the perfection of Christianity. So I [went], ‘Okay, if it’s our eleventh album, I should go to the source of all evil in the world’ — I’m talking about the Bible itself — steal one of its quotes and just turn it upside down and twist it around…

I really wanted to have a different title and not repeating the formula that we’ve repeated for so many albums, that would just end up with very strong one-word statements, like ‘The Satanist’, ‘Evangelion’, ‘Demigod’ and so on. So I just thought it would be good to use the full verse, full sentence. Yeah, I think it’s cool.”

You can watch the entire interview below.

Listen to Behemoth’s new single track “God=Dog”, check the below.