Behemoth frontman Adam Darski, known as ‘Nergal,’ revealed his thoughts about Iron Maiden’s newest single by sharing a new post on his official Instagram account.

Iron Maiden is one of the households in the metal music industry, and they have been releasing new recordings since 1980. But, they haven’t released any material since their last album, The Book of Souls in 2015.

Back in November 2020, Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson revealed that they entered the studio to work on a new project. Yesterday, the band finally revealed what they have been working on by releasing a new single named ‘The Writing On The Wall.’

‘The Writing On The Wall’ is a seven-minute-long song that is probably released prior to Maiden’s next album. In less than only fifteen hours, the song has been viewed by over 1 million people on YouTube.

After listening to the new single, Nergal wanted to share how excited he is about this song and said that this was the only thing he needed to get. Also, Nergal mentioned that the folky and catchy feeling about the song felt great for him.

Nergal on Iron Maiden’s new single:

Now that’s what I needed to get a kick: new Iron Maiden song!

Folky, catchy… Great! Up the irons!”

You can check out the post and the latest single of Iron Maiden below.

Photo Credit: Nergal – Instagram