In a recent interview made by Metal Hammer, Behemoth frontman Nergal revealed what he felt after the his country album with “Me And That Man”. He said:

“When I was done with The Satanist, I was pretty much done with any music, I was like, ‘I don’t know if there’s any more extreme metal music in me.’

So I had to level out my energy with Me And That Man, and surprisingly, once I went back to the ‘black metal cave’ after that, I was more creative than ever. I couldn’t stop making songs! Usually, I’m super-burnt-out [after an album cycle], but at this stage, not only am I still full of ideas, I feel like I’m on drugs! I feel pumped. I’m hungry.

He continued:

“Evangelion was the most perfectly recorded and perfect sounding record, but then The Satanist was something else, The new one is going to be something else once again, I’m sure about it.

So when people tell me, ‘You need to top The Satanist’… I don’t need to top anything. I just want to make sure we take curves with our career. We’re gonna take a different direction in order not to get stuck in the same pattern.”

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